cartoon simple gun drawing easy step by step

Gun drawing we are going to discuss about drawing because it is a bit difficult to make because it has different parts that people have a question in their mind that which steps to use so in today’s post you will know that you can do it can do how to draw in simple way

The first thing you will notice is that some materials are needed to do the drawing

  • pencil
  • eraser
  • cutter
  • sketch color & copy

Gun drawing by looking at the image

This is a simple medium in which you will understand well, if not, then we will try to explain these drawings through another medium

elephant drawing
bus drawing
ice cream drawing
loin drawing
Giraffe drawing

How to draw cartoon gun

have to draw a small triangle line, after that, create a line from the same line downwards in the same way, now you draw the line from the left side

after that move the line upwards, after taking this much,

your three step will be complete this was your starting step

how to draw gun trigger

For this, add a right side half circle to the place where the three step was completed, after that make two lines and a point to give the design,

it should remain in the upper part of the trigger

now you have to save it only in the middle of the gun. should and draw with two lines

Now add some more details to the cartoon pistol

In this make you bullet filling part as well as add the trigger
After doing this, you can take some help of the image

in which you will get a clean understanding and our last step will be the fist part of the pistol, in which a simple outline

has been made and a semi-round design has been given above it and the apple below in which the pistol is placed looks very nice and beautiful

how to color pistol

You can do the color according to your own because there is a different way in everyone s mind

If you do not understand anything, then you can take help of the image itself, we will give you the name of some best color you must use it

If you want, you can use wax color or the best pencil color remains

how to improve drawing

You can improve the drawing in one situation, the more you practice, the better your drawing will improve and you can check by checking our side page separately, which shows you how to draw easily


If you get to learn something by watching this post, as well as you can comment me for any problem and if you want such a new post

then also do comment, today’s post was till this see you in the next post