How to draw watermelon step by step

watermelon drawing In this post, we will learn how to draw some people think that this drawing is too difficult but we will tell this drawing by drawing a laughing watermelon and it will help you to learn well and this drawing is only for kids

watermelon drawing with the help of images

First we understand through the image that which step is to be made first, after that we will understand by writing, if you follow both the method then hundred percent this drawing will become clear from you

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How to draw watermelon

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

Let’s start drawing watermelon

You should have two circles of small size and it should look exactly like you, after that there should be a dot inside that circle and make an outline that looks like you

Create an outline that is exactly in the shape of the moon, keep in mind that this outline should be in the center of the eyes

insert design into watermelon

To insert the design, you have to make bean to bean by looking at the image inside the shape of the moon, after that make seeds because by making seeds it will look like a watermelon

  • Now what to make in it that makes it look laughing, then in a simple way you
  • have to make a mouth so that children will like to see and it will appear that this
  • drawing was only for children if you have followed these steps or The drawing must have
  • become hundred percent and if you do not understand then do comment

how to improve drawing

For this, analyze yourself how to make a drawing

If you are not able to think then Chrome browser or this

website has very good drawing images, you can take your own help

After that, the more you practice, the more your drawing will become clear

Make at least five drawings a day


If you get to learn something by watching this post, as well as you can comment me for any problem and if you want such a new post

then also do comment, today’s post was till this see you in the next post