cartoon  Giraffe drawing easy step by step

Giraffe drawing you will learn inside this post, many people have a doubt that this drawing is difficult but if you think so, then it is absolutely wrong.

Because in today’s post I am going to teach you how to draw step by step easily

Drawing Giraffe with the help of image

new giraffe drawing
giraffe drawing

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how to easy draw giraffe

First we draw a semi circle on its left side and make a point in the corner Now we come to the second step

make ears

To make it, you will have to take the help of the picture, then you can make it easily, but if you want, make it like a leaf, give a bean to bean design inside it, now make two lions on its seat, now our left ear is You can also make it easily

draw eyes and mouth

Making it is a child’s play as there is nothing very difficult in it.
Only have to make round round eyes and bean to bean snake

after that draw a line like the moon, keep in mind that this line must be near the mouth this will make the animal appear to be laughing

draw Giraffe body

To make the body, draw a line downwards from near the throat, in the same way, all the line things from near the left ear, now you have to keep in mind that on the left side, do a little crooked outline so that the body of the giraffe drawing looks beautiful

Giraffe drawing make tail and legs

You all must know how to make a tail, make a simple line behind it like a moon point and give a small triangular apple behind it

After that, start from the right side to make the legs, for this you can take the example of the image, it will give you a better understanding and after all this is

done, you have to give a small desine in the drawing, it is round in the body. shape the round tada maida so that it looks like an animal


If you get to learn something by watching this post, as well as you can comment me for any problem and if you want such a new post, then also do comment, today’s post was till this, see you in the next post