lion drawing top 10 easy ideas & Images

lion drawing easy the artist tries to capture the lines, shapes and key features of the lion by observing its structures carefully. The main distinguishing features of the lion such as the forehead, mouth, eyes, arms, claws and teeth are elaborately rendered.

Lion drawing can be made in different medium like painting on paper through digital etc as we will give you some address along with the drawing

how t0 draw lion for kids

  • irst of all, make a lion’s mouth by making a circle in a circle.
  • create shops now
  • Draw the hair on the top of the lion’s head as shown in the image.
  • Now we have to match the beard and hair so that the photo looks like an animal.
  • Also make him two eyes
  • Now take out the hand of the right side a little and make half the stomach in a circular shape.
  • Now make its afternoon and make the hand of the left side and after making the mouth like this, your drawing will be completely complete.
  • If you do not understand then you can take the help of picture.

lion drawing image ideas

notice If you want to enlarge the picture here, click on the photo once, then you will see this lion’s picture in large form

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snake drawing
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how to download images

First of all, you open Google or Chrome, after that search the image of and while searching, you must add Ashish, after that you

click on the link to open the website, now on the search box of this website Search Quit Drawing, from here you will get the image and you can draw by looking at it


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