How to Draw bus esay step || only 2 minuts || bus Drawing

Bus drawing is going to be learned in today s post, I have told to draw it in few steps and few minutes, if you see this post you can do hundred percent of this drawing

bus drawing step by step

elephant drawing
snake drawing
  • To do bus drawing you need some materials like pencil eraser and copy etc
  • And partner will need a picture of a
  • bus which is given inside this post
  • Now you have to draw a line upwards,
  • then with the help of the image,
  • draw by looking at the upper part then make two wheels
  • of the bus Now you will see the bus in the box shape
  • you can complete the drawing of the bus completely by making windows

How to bus painting

As we have taught you to draw a bus with some steps, how to paint in the same way, you can purchase other types of colors like wax color, with the help of them you can easily paint the bus

what is bus drawing

As you all know, just drawing is a painting that is done by adults to children, they take part in drawing, they are used in the following things

like giving projects in schools or improving their drawings by artists, etc. which we call drawing


What techniques are useful for

You have a simple way to draw a bus, search in Google or Karo and download a simple picture of the bus, then you can make this drawing by looking at it


If you get to learn something by watching this post, as well as you can comment me for any problem and if you want such a new post, then also do comment, today’s post was till this, see you in the next post