How to draw cute Elephant easy steps

Everyone knows that elephant drawing is an art and drawing line, in which artists develop their art by drawing various types of elephants by applying their mind, out of which today we will show you some such elephant drawing which can be used from child to elder. can draw easily

elephant drawing all steps

final draw

elephant drawing

I have shown this only in a demo form, now we will understand step by step how to draw and will understand in details

How to draw Elephant

  • First made half circle add one more to
  • that half circle then make elephant ear then make nose
  • similarly make one eye and two teeth slowly
  • make text of his body which in the image
  • we explain you in detail if you
  • don’t understand Do comment if you come

elephant drawing images

1 cat drawing
2 frog drawing
3 snake drawing
4 butterfly drawing
5 cut dog drawing

I have also given some more drawing ideas so that you do not have to worry too much, if you do not like the drawing above, then you can choose one of these

what elephant drawing

This is a type of painting in which children practice all this drawing to make their picture even better.

comes from graphic design to other work

Children also get all these drawing homework in schools, which children search in Google when they are not able to make it, yet no one can tell it easily, so we bring it to you on this post


why elephant drawing videos are bad

Because in some videos you are told in a difficult way mate for some traffic they make the video fast sometimes this problem is due to the poor quality of the video


If you get to learn something by watching this post, as well as you can comment me for any problem and if you want such a new post, then also do comment, today’s post was till this, see you in the next post