cartoon ghost drawing easy ideas & halloween cute ghost images

Cartoon ghost drawing is called that in which ghosts are depicted

To make a cartoon ghost drawing, you can simply outline the shape of the ghost using a pencil, pen, marker or crayon. You can also change the ghost’s eyes, mouth, hands and other body features to play up your creativity

Let’s see how you can make it in a simple way

how to draw simple ghost

simple ghost
  • To draw it, first make the glasses
  • after that make the outline shown in the image,
  • now make a mouth by giving a small point,
  • in this way the simple ghost is complete

cute ghost drawing 4 steps

  • step 1 Draw edge like the picture above, take care not to make any mistake
  • step 2 Now make eyes by giving round apple and make laughing mouth draw stye above the eye
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-ghost-step-3-1024x1009.jpg
  • step 3 make a hand by drawing the line and show the line in the cloth by drawing the line
  • step 5 Make a kids stick as shown in the picture in the hand which has a heart in the shape of a box

small ghost images

It is very cute to look at and we call it a small ghost. If you want you can make it in a notebook.

mini ghost

The drawings are meant to symbolize a dark and brooding atmosphere and can commonly be seen in art, jewelry, and children’s books

simple ghost drawing

how to download ghost drawing picture

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