How To Draw A Cute Monkey For Kids

Cute Monkey drawing This drawing is the favorite drawing of children because when we are children we are told about animals but some children want to draw different types of animals like this inside the post we will teach you that how can you do monkey drawing

By the way, the monkey comes in an animal and it likes to eat banana very much and it keeps moving here and there in the trees, considering this, we will show its drawing to all of you.


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP-1 Draw Monkey Body


With the help of pencil we have drawn the body of the monkey and outline the body like this

STEP-2 Add Face To


After this, you have to draw the monkey’s face, which you can take the help of the image to draw.

STEP-3 Draw Monkey Eyes And Mouth


After this, friends, you have to make two eyes and one mouth of the monkey, in this way the drawing of the monkey’s face becomes complete.

STEP-4 Add Two Ears To it


Now you have two ears on the top of the monkey’s head which has made the monkey’s face more visible.

STEP-5 Draw The Front Legs OF The Monkey


Now we will draw the leg of the monkey, first we will make the outline of the front two legs

STEP-6 Draw The Back Legs of A Monkey


After this we will draw the back leg and in the same way the process of drawing our leg is complete.

STEP-7 Add Monkey Tail


This is our last step in which with the help of outline we will draw monkey’s nose and it is the easiest thing to draw

Monkey Drawing Colour

monkey drawing
fish drawing
dog drawing
cat drawing

How to improve Cute Monkey drawing

  • a good place to sit while drawing
  • Keep material like penler hazardous paint with you
  • When drawing, the tip of the pencil should be sharp.
  • After this you can start doing your drawing
  • Follow the steps given in the post
  • After the drawing is complete, use the marker on it
  • you should always draw with a pencil first
  • Do not use any sketch color and water color in the drawing
  • For this you can color the drawing with the help of pencil colour


For any problem, you can comment me and if you like this post, do comment, see you in the next post.