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Ant Drawing There is an insect which is known as the hardworking insect because the life span of the ant is completely different and it works hard here and there for its food, but drawing ant is not easy, we will give you some tips that will help. You can easily make ant’s drawing from

Ant Drawing Material

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP 1- Draw Ant head

Draw Ant head

To draw the head you have to draw a circle which is much easier to draw circle outline

STEP 2- Draw Ant thorax

Draw Ant thorax

After this, join this circle and draw the outline of another circle, this is called the ant’s thorax.

STEP 3- Add abdomen

STEP 3- Add abdomen

Similarly you have to add another circle again, this will be part of the abdomen of the ant.

STEP 4- Draw Ant Leg

Draw Ant leg

Now you have to come down and draw the leg of the ant, to draw this you can see the image so that it is well understood.

STEP 5- Add two eyes

add two eyes

Draw two eyes inside the first circle today to draw you can see the image clearly

STEP 6 – Draw the antennae and mouth

Draw the antennae and mouth

This is our last step inside of which we will draw the ant’s mouth and antenncae

Ant Drawing for kids

Ant Drawing

The outline drawing of the ant is completely complete but we have used lite brown and gray color to fill the color, you can fill the color of your choice in this drawing.

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