cute kangaroo drawing || (5 easy ) steps draw

How to draw Kangaroo in today’s post, I am going to teach in the easiest way, no one has told so easily yet, but you have to learn this cute Kangaroo drawing, read this post completely.

cute Kangaroo drawing step by step

How to draw Kangaroo

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1 Draw A Kangaroo – Let’s get Started

Kangaroo – Let’s get Started

With the help of pencil, you have to make a triangle, after that draw a line downwards and start drawing while doing this

step 2 draw kangaroo eyes and ears

step 2 draw kangaroo eyes and ears

After that, I have to tick a simple round inside the triangle and make its shop upwards with the help of outline

step 3 make a kangaroo hand

make a kangaroo hand

Now you have to draw one hand of it, for that with the help of the image make an outline by looking at it.

step 4 draw tail and back

draw tail and back

After this, to make the body of the cute kangaroo drawing, you can draw a long downward outline from near the ear.

Make Kangaroo Legs and Belly

kangaroo drawing

Then through the same downward outline, make a tail and a leg, the way the image is shown in step 5, outline the same type, thus your drawing will be complete, now I would like to give you some tips to fill the color

cute kangaroo drawing with colour

cute kangaroo drawing

Use brown color to color the kangaroo and keep in mind that this color should be of pencil color, otherwise you can fill the color of your idea in it.

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How to improve cute Kangaroo Drawing

  • a good place to sit while drawing
  • Keep material like penler hazardous paint with you
  • When drawing, the tip of the pencil should be sharp.
  • After this you can start doing your drawing
  • Follow the steps given in the post
  • After the drawing is complete, use the marker on it
  • you should always draw with a pencil first
  • Do not use any sketch color and water color in the drawing
  • For this you can color the drawing with the help of pencil color


How to draw Kangaroo?

For drawing kangaroo, you should prepare material like pencil color etc., after that follow the steps given in this post.


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