Step by step easy cute dinosaur drawing Tutorial

Dinosaur this is a kind of huge animal but here in today’s time this dinosaur has disappeared but some people and children want to draw it then we have brought this drawing for you in an easy way if step by step easy cute dinosaur drawing then If you want to learn read the post completely.

cartoon cute dinosaur drawing

how to draw cute dinosaur drawing

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1 Draw A cute dinosaur – Let’s get Started

step 1 Draw A cute dinosaur – Let’s get Started

With the help of 1 pencil half face of dinosaur is draw

step 2 draw long nick

After this, we have made the long nick by taking the outline near the mouth and moving it downwards.

step 3 add eyes and spikes

add eyes and spikes

Now you have to draw a simple eye and the outline of the nose in a circle and the spikes.

step 4 draw cute dinosaur wings

draw dinosaur wings

In this step you have to make wings, for that you can draw by looking at the outline given in the image.

step 5 add right wing


Now you have to draw the side wings, also draw the pointed outline.

step 6 Draw cute dinosaur leg

As friends, we have completed some parts of the dinosaur, but now we will draw its feet, to draw the feet, you must see the image once.

step 7 add tail dinosur

add tail dinosur

this is our last step, in the remaining outlines, we have to give a tail shape, after that our drawing is complete.

cat drawing with colour

cute dinosaur drawing

We have used light blue and light orange color for coloring but you can fill color in this drawing according to your own.

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