cartoon squirrel drawing easy || simple step by step

Squirrel is a kind of beautiful looking and fast running animal, but it likes to climb trees and run from here to there, today we have brought this cartoon squirrel drawing for you, it will be explained to you in an easy way that how you can do this drawing.

Cartoon Squirrel Drawing Step by step

How to draw cartoon squirrel drawing

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step- 1 draw-squirrel-head


We drew a line at the top. This will be the squirrel’s head.

step- 2 add-squirrel-ears


After this, two ears have been made by making outlines on the right and left sides.

step- 3 draw-two-eyes-two


After this, two eye outlines have been made in the inner part of the outline that has been made

step- 4 draw-nose-and-mouth


And along with the outline of the mouth and nose has been given.

step- 5 draw-body


The body of the squirrel has been created by making outlines on the right and left sides

step- 6 squirrel-folded-hands


After this, two hands of squirrel have been made in a simple way, which is looking very beautiful.

step-7 add-two-more-legs


Now it is left to make the feet in the image, but we make a small circle and make the feet.

step- 8 add-squirrel-tail


Now here is our last step in which we have drawn the tail of the squirrel.

cartoon squirrel drawing with colour

Cartoon Squirrel Drawing

To make this cartoon squirrel even more beautiful, you have to color it, but we have used light brown and white color to color it, you can color it according to your own.

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How to improve cartoon squirrel drawing

  • a good place to sit while drawing
  • Keep material like penler hazardous paint with you
  • When drawing, the tip of the pencil should be sharp.
  • After this you can start doing your drawing
  • Follow the steps given in the post
  • After the drawing is complete, use the marker on it
  • you should always draw with a pencil first
  • Do not use any sketch color and water color in the drawing
  • For this you can color the drawing with the help of pencil color


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