How To Draw A- Cartoon Skull Step By Step

Cartoon Skull Drawing This is a human skull which some children like to draw and we brought this drawing in a slightly different style from skull because this drawing is made for special children but you also want to learn this drawing then post read full

Cartoon Skull Drawing Material

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP -1 Draw skull hair

draw skull  hair

As you all know, this is a cartoon skull, so for this we will draw a hair outline with the help of pencil, after that you have to draw this outline by looking at it well.

STEP -2 Draw the left side face of the skull

draw the left side face of the skull

After this, you have to draw the face from the right side, for that first we will take a simple outline and draw the half face of the right side.

STEP -3 Make skull teeth

make skull teeth

Similarly, you have to draw their teeth, for that you have to re-draw 4 semi round outlines and their teeth are drawn like this

STEP -4 Add two eyes to the skull

To completely complete the face of the skull, we need one more outline, which is on the left side, so we draw the face of the skull by making a simple outline again.

STEP -5 Draw skull nose

draw skull nose

This is our last step, inside which we will outline the mouse by making an inverted heart and this will be the nose of the skull, in the same way after drawing it, the skull will be completely drawn.

Cartoon skull drawing with colour

cartoon skull drawing

colour you red green yellow blue whatever color you want to do you can do your according choice but choose blue color according to your hair color rest you know that the color of the scalp always remains

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