Penguin Drawing Easy Steps Tutorial

Penguin drawing easy This is a type of animal, they like to live in the bus area, but are found in large quantities of snow.

Some people want to draw this animal, but this drawing is difficult, so we have brought penguin drawing for you in an easy step, if you want to learn, then read the post completely.


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step-1 Draw A – Let’s get Started

step 1 Draw A  – Let’s get Started

First of all, with the help of friends pencil, we made a five visible number, you can easily make

STEP-2 Draw Bil And The Eye

After these we made his eyes and bill which is the easiest thing to draw if you can’t make it then definitely see the image

STEP -3 Add Body

add body

After this, we have made an outline and drawn their body and tail, which you can draw by making a simple outline.

STEP -4 Draw Flipper

Now you have drawn flipper in the middle of the body, it looks like a hand.

STEP 5- Add Webbed Free

This is our last step in which we will draw webbed penguin free and keep in mind that you must use pencil for this.

Penguin Drawing With Colour

Penguin drawing easy

As we have drawn in this way, but now we have to color, we have used yellow and gray colors to colour, you can fill them according to your own

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