How to Draw A- Bow Step By Step

Bow drawing This is a type of ribbon that is used by people, today we will understand this drawing, how to make it step by step, if you want to learn this drawing, then read the post completely.


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP 1 How to Draw a bow– Let’s get started

With the help of pencil we first made the middle ribbon which looks like a circle and outline

STEP 2 Draw the Right Side of the Ribbon

Now we have drawn the right side ribbon by adding it to this outline.

STEP 3 draw the middle ribbon

Similarly you have to draw the essay further down

STEP 4 add more draw the middle ribbon

Now you have to add another ribbon in the just adjacent part

STEP 5 Draw the Left Part of the Ribbon

In the same way or our last ribbon which is on the left side, after this ribbon, the outline of our drawing will be completely complete but coloring will remain in it.

STEP 6 Add Bow Design

Let’s draw some more outlines to show this drawing better

Bow Drawing With Colour

Bow drawing

Now we have used red and pink color for coloring but you can fill any color in this drawing Always use pencil color for coloring

santa hat drawing
dress drawing
rose drawing

How to improve drawing

  • a good place to sit while drawing
  • Keep material like penler hazardous paint with you
  • When drawing, the tip of the pencil should be sharp.
  • After this you can start doing your drawing
  • Follow the steps given in the post
  • After the drawing is complete, use the marker on it
  • you should always draw with a pencil first
  • Do not use any sketch color and water color in the drawing
  • For this you can color the drawing with the help of pencil colour


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