How To Draw A- Cute Cow Step By Step

Cute Cow drawing This is a type of animal species, but people use it as nutrition like their milk etc. and in many things it is the work of humans, today we will teach them to draw and this drawing is the easiest way step by step will be taught step by step

Cute Cow drawing material

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP -1 Draw cow face

draw cow face

Whatever you want to draw, you have to make an outline in a triangular shape and this will be the face of the cow. You can use the pencil scale to make this outline.

STEP -2 Draw two eyes of cow

After that you have to draw two circles inside them and give them the shape of an eye as shown in the image.

STEP -3 add outline to cow face

add outline to cow face

Along with this, you have to draw an outline in all the three corners of this triangle shape and this outline is simple.

STEP -4 Draw cow horn

draw cow horn

Now you have to draw cow’s horn in the upper part towards the right and left side, for which you can understand by looking at the image well and in the same way you have to draw

STEP -5 Draw the cow’s muzzle and ears

After this, you have to drop the ear of the cow on the right and left side and you have to draw the muzzle in the bottom part.

STEP -6 Draw a cow’s nostril

Similarly, this is our last step, inside which we will draw the nose of the cow, to draw it, you understand the image and see it well, then you can draw it easily.

Cute Cow drawing with colour

Cute Cow drawing

colour this cow, you have to use colors like black and white and pink etc. but if you do not like this color then you can fill this drawing with your favorite color.

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If any kind of problem comes while drawing or if you do not understand, then you must tell me by commenting and in which topic you want drawing

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