How To Draw -A Hot Dog step by step tutorial

Hot dog drawing This is a food item that meat is used to make it, but today we are going to draw them and tell.

If you are interested in drawing, then read the post completely, otherwise see the image thoroughly.


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1 start drawing hot dog

With the help of a pencil, we drew an outline to draw a hot dog, which looks like a round cylinder.

step 2 add eye

add eye

Inside it we have two eye draw because it makes it look very nice if you don’t want to add it then also no problem

step 3 Draw the Tip of the Sausage

After that we made a mouth outline giving it a cartoon shape and drew a sausage tip on the top of it.

step 4 Add Layers to Hot Dogs

This is our final step drawing the outline of a flaky shore. You can see his image.

step 5 Color the Hot Dog

hot dog drawing

Friends, we have used brown and catechu color for coloring, if you can fill this drawing with your favorite colors

burger drawing
candey drawing
mushroom drawing


If you get to learn something from this drawing, as well as any kind of problem, then you must comment me in the comment box.

I will definitely try to solve this problem for you guys.