Cartoon Dinosaur Drawing || Easy Five Steps

How to draw cartoon dinosaur, inside this post you will be told how you can do this drawing easily, if you want to learn this cartoon dinosaur drawing then read the post completely.

How to draw cartoon dinosaur

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP 1 draw the outline of the spikes

draw the outline of the spikes

First we made a dinosaur spikes with the help of pencil

STEP 2 make dinosaur face

make dinosaur face

Now add to this and draw half outline to make a face.

STEP 3 Add more outlines to the face

Similarly, the outline of the right site is also drawn, now the shape of the dinosaur’s face is formed here.

STEP 4 Add More Spikes

Add More Spikes

We have added some more spikes to give design near the head

STEP 5 Right Site Add Spikes

Add More Spikes right said

otherwise add two spikes in the right side also

STEP 6 Draw Dinosaur Eyes And Nose

STEP 6 Draw Dinosaur Eyes And Nose

Two eyes and two noses have been made inside the face shape of the dinosaur, due to which the dinosaur looks even better.

cartoon dinosaur drawing for coloring

dinosaur drawing for coloring page

Dinosaur coloring page is useful for kids drawing but kids try to improve their drawing art by coloring in this coloring page etc.

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fish drawing
rose drawing

how to improve drawing

  1. You need to practice again and again to improve drawing
  2. While drawing, your focus should be on drawing only
  3. If you do not understand anything, then you can get an idea by
  4. looking at the images in the internet.


If you get to learn something from this drawing, as well as any kind of problem, then you must comment me in the comment box.

I will definitely try to solve this problem for you guys.