Simple Monster Drawing step by step Tutorial

Simple Monster Drawing This is a monster that looks terrible but we have modified this monster in our own way to make a simple monster

But I want to show all of you and also want to give some tips entry in this simple monster drawing, if you are interested, read the post completely.


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step-1 draw monster head

draw monster head

With the help of pencil there is a head shape outline drag lini in South you can see the image to draw it

step- 2 Draw the monster’s horns.

Draw the monster’s horns.

Three horned car to be taken in this outline part

step- 3 draw monster face

 draw monster face

After this the outline of the face of the monster is completely completed.

step- 4 add eyes and mouth

step- 4 add eyes and mouth

Eyes and mouth are drawn on the inside

step- 5 draw the legs

step- 5 draw the legs

Now draw the feet of the right and left sides in the lower part.

Monster colouring pages

monster colouring pages

This is a simple coloring page of a monster drawing, you can download and use it.

Simple monster drawing with colour

monster drawing for kids

We have used colors like yellow green etc. to color the simple monster but you can color it as per your choice.

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