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Football Drawing easy This is a game but this game is liked by more and more people but we are going to teach you how to draw football if you want to learn this drawing then read the post completely.

football drawing step by step

Football Drawing Material

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP 1- Draw circle

draw circle

With the help of a pencil, you have to draw a circle which should be perfectly circular in appearance.

STEP- 2 Draw hexagons

draw hexagons

Within this circle, you have to draw an outline of hexagons in the middle, which you must see the image once to draw.

STEP 3 – Add more Hexagons

Add more Hexagons

Similarly you have to draw three more hexagons on the edge of the circle.

STEP 4- Draw Pentagons

Draw Pentagons

Now you have to draw pentagons inside the circle so that it looks like a football design and it is much easier to draw.

STEP 5 – Add more Pentagons

Add more Pentagons

Our last step is to complete the drawing by making pentagons which is left over from the seat.

Football drawing For Kids

football drawing

colour we have used gray and green color that we know that football is white and black but we chose this color because we got a good look, similarly you can fill your favorite color in this drawing. can you

king crown


If any kind of problem comes while drawing or if you do not understand, then you must tell me by commenting and in which topic you want drawing

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