How to Draw A Pot Leaf Drawing Step By Step

Pot leaf refers to the five-pointed leaf commonly found in the cannabis plant. But the drawing of this leaf is going to be taught easily through this post.

Pot leaf Drawing Material

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1 – Draw petiole

Draw petiole

You have to draw the petiole of a leaf, for this you can take the help of scale and draw the outline as shown in the image.

step 2 – Draw the leaf of the left and right side

Draw the leaf of the left and right side

Now you are given the information through step by step image with step by step image.

Step 3 – Draw the leaf of the middle part

draw the leaf of the middle part

In the same way, you have to draw the middle part of the leaf, which by marking red color, we are telling you how to draw, you have to draw like this.

STEP 4 – Add veins

Draw Ant leg

This is our last step in which we finish the outline of the drawing by drawing the veins of the pot leaf drawing

Pot leaf drawing for kids

Pot leaf drawing

In this way, we have used every color to color, but you can do it according to your according color, in this way your drawing becomes completely complete.

corn drawing


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