Cute Fox Drawing Easy || simple step by step

Cute Fox Drawing The drawing of here is a cute animal living in the forest, it is seen in the animal park, but it is draw by some children and artists.
But we will teach you the fox drone through this post in such an easy way that you can save a lot of your time because we will teach only simple steps of this drawing if you


  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

STEP 1- Draw Fox Ears And Head

If you want to draw in the copy, then you have to take a pencil, after that you have to make an outline like this, inside which you will have to make a shop and a head, for this you must see the image once.

STEP -2 Draw face shape

Similarly, you have to make the face of the fox, for these you have to create only outline and give a safe.

STEP -3 Add eyes inside face

Now you have to draw two eyes in its inner part only you have to use circle outline to draw it

STEP -4 now draw the nose and mouth

Now you have to draw eyes and mouth in the middle, in the same way as shown in the image, you have to draw easily.

STEP -5 Add design to fox

In the lower part of the fox’s face, a beard-like hair will be made, which will look very nice, then you must add it.

STEP -6 draw back paw

Similarly, now you have to draw the back leg of the fox, for this also you must see the image once.

STEP -7 Add Front Paw

In the same process, you have to draw two more legs so that the body of the fox looks good.

STEP -8 Draw Fox Tail

This is our last step in which we will make the tail of the clock and complete this drawing, you can take the help of the image to make something of the fox because we have shown the outline in it.

STEP -9 Fox Drawing Cute

fox drawing
fish drawing
dog drawing
cat drawing

We can use color like brown white etc. to color the fox, but if you must use pencil color for color because there is finishing in the drawing.


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