How To- Noodle Drawing Easy Step Tutorial

Noodle drawing Noodle is eaten in real life which is also tasty to eat but some people want to drawing they will be taught this drawing easily inside this post but read the whole post to learn

Noodle drawing step by step

how to draw Noodle

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1- Draw A – Let’s get Started

With the help of pencil, you have to make an outline which looks exactly like a half circle.

step 1 Draw A – noodle Let’s get Started

step 2 – draw the eyes & Foot

 draw the eyes & Foot

Now you have to draw two eyes and one mouth in its inner part, after that food has been made in the bottom.

step-3 add the noodle

 add the noodle

Noodle have been drawn by making round outlines in the upper part of them.

step- 4 add more noodle

add more noodle

Similarly, more noodle have been added so that it looks good.

step 5- Draw the Chopsticks

Draw the Chopsticks

Now let’s make two chopsticks of noodle to make it we have used to draw the outline of the scale

Noodle drawing with colour

Noodle drawing

In this way our noodle drawing is complete but for coloring we have used colors like gray pink red etc

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how to improve drawing

  • Please read and see this post
  • While drawing, it is necessary to have all kinds of materials like color pencil etc.
  • You make the drawing step by step
  • If the more you practice drawing, the more your drawing will improve.
  • Keep in mind that you use pencil or wax color to color
  • After following this, there will be hundred percent improvement in your drawing.


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