How to- Little Mermaid Drawing Tutorial

Little Mermaid drawing is going to be learned step by step inside this post, but you also want to learn this mermaid drawing in an easy way, then read the post completely.

Little Mermaid drawing step by step

how to draw Little Mermaid

Keep in mind that you will need some material for drawing like

  • pencil
  • rubber & cutter
  • color box
  • drawing copy

step 1 Draw A –Mermaid Let’s get Started

First of all, with the help of pencil, draw the face of the mermaid, in which two eyes and a mouth have been made in the inner part.

step 1 Draw A –Mermaid Let’s get Started

step-2 Make a mermaid head

make a mermaid head

After this, only the outline has been drawn to make a head on top of it.

step-3 Draw two hands

draw two hands

Now draw the outline of two hands from here which looks like a hand.

step-4 Draw the main part of the tail

Draw the main part of the tail

After this a star is made near the hand and draw the main part of the mermaid’s tail.

step-5 add outline near belly

add outline near belly

Now a zig zag outline has been drawn in the middle of the abdomen

step-6 Make mermaid hair

make mermaid hair

To make the mermaid more beautiful, we have made very nice hair for it, to make it, you can make it by looking at the image.

step-7 add the queen crown

add the queen crown

This is our last step in which we have drawn queen crown on the top part of the hair thus completing the outline of the mermaid drawing

Little Mermaid Drawing with colour

Little Mermaid drawing

To color, we have used colors like blue yellow face color etc. but you can fill the color according to your drawing.

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how to improve drawing

  • Please read and see this post
  • While drawing, it is necessary to have all kinds of materials like color pencil etc.
  • You make the drawing step by step
  • If the more you practice drawing, the more your drawing will improve.
  • Keep in mind that you use pencil or wax color to color
  • After following this, there will be hundred percent improvement in your drawing.


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