Snapseed blur photo editing healing tool in ashish editz

Hello Welcome back to your website, so in today’s video, we will learn blur photo editing with the help of so many seats with the help of the seat, you will have to read this video to learn this photo editing to complete the post and in this post I will tell you step by step then let’s start


Snapseed Step 1 of all, you have to open the snapsid, after opening, you have to bring your pic to Snapchat, after that you have to simply click on the pencil icon then you can also help the model with the help of ringtone. After removal


Snapseed Step 2 Friends, you have to click on the icon with the pencil again. After clicking, friends have to blur you, after blurring, write it down.


Step 3 After this, you have to click on the tune image of friends, again you can increase the brightness and contrast, then after that also increase the saturation, then from here friends your pick will be yellow color.

Blur photo Editing

Step 4 If you want to come back to double exposure and add the model again, then the effect in the background is to be removed and after the removal, the friends will get rid of the riders.

Blur photo Editing

Open adobe lightroom


After opening Lightroom, friends, you have to come on the Mix color tour in a simple way and select the yellow color, then after that you have to select the yellow color and reduce it, then after that friends have to increase the true relation again. You have to click on the Select tool and select the blue color in the Select tool and then put it in the bag part of the background, if you want to take a safety device from someone, then friends, if you like the post, then please like it in the deleted post. Bye Bye

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