Snapseed face glow and Adobe Lightroom photo editing

Hello brother, in today’s post, we are going to learn snapseed photo editing in 4 steps, so if you want to learn this editing then definitely read the post.

Snapseed again to your website, so today in photo editing, we are going to do lightroom preset photo editing.snapseed face glow


  1. So to do this photo editing, you have to see the post completely, that means you have to read the shirt, then you will understand the shirt, you have used the preset in this photo editing, so let’s start
  2. Face glow


First of all, you have to open this snapseed, after opening Snapseed you have to click on the account with a pencil, after clicking in it, friends have to write to you, then here you have to use select Youtube. To increase the brightness, after that, friends, you have to click on the tune image. You have to increase the brightness and the contention so that the brightness of the pick increases. After that, here it will be done, the face will be glowed.
After that, friends have to open Lightroom, after opening Lightroom, you have to add the preset, which I have given its gender below, you should go and download it after that then what we need to do after clicking cricket After opening in life you have to open in life, you have to click on Twitter and you can see the option of copying the clicking drop, clicking in it, after clicking in it, you have to do the model that we have done in the lights. After opening in the light room, you have to click again in the tree dot, after that, after clicking on the paste settings, your pick will be fully ready, then friend, how did you like this post, but if you like it If you like, then please do like comment, get bye till next post.