Lightroom background change best tone 1 click photo editing tutorial

Hello, in today’s post, I will teach photo editing in one click from Lightroom, you have to read the post completely to learn this editing, so let’s start friends, as you have not downloaded the light on, then download the full version. If you have not kept the full version of Lightroom, then comment me, I will give you full version, then you have to install the full version of Lightroom in your phone. After that you have to open Lightroom in a simple way. You will see the option of plus, clicking on it, you have to select the photo, after selecting the photo, friend, you get

many programs, what you will have to do, I will teach you editing presets, then I will set the link on the description and give it to my You will find it in the website or else you download that patient, after downloading, friend, what you need to do is to open the set of Lightroom, after opening Lightroom, you have to click on 3dot and make copy settings in Office. Friends after setting So what you need to do is bring back the picket once again in Lightroom, after bringing it again, you have to click on 3dot of Lightroom again after clicking 3 dot me and you leave office settings and you get the best You have to click on the settings after that your friends will be

fully editing in one click and it is affecting the face, what will the pink color do to remove you, in simple way, selectu is to click on you and Red color option in the face, you have to remove the effect in the face by clicking on the eraser, then the situation is to be taken big.

After increasing, the effect that was affecting the face in your pick will be completely removed, after that you have to write it right. Changes the background completely, after that, after coming in the Friends Mix tour, you will see four options like Temprature etc., then you will have to leave this option which is in the Mix color at the top and then the Luminance of Orange color You have to increase it so that the face can glow and the pic looks good, then friend you have to click on the option with effect, after clicking in the effect option, you have to work its first vintage so that the background effect in our pick is after that. You have to write right, after picking, your pick will be made quite well, if you like this post, then please do like comments, meet us till then bye bye.