How do you get smooth skin in pictures and picsart

Hello friends, in today’s post I am going to teach you that how you can make your skin smooth and face fair in your pic, if you want to learn then you have to read the posts completely.

Friends, first of all, you have to open the picsart application to smooth the skin, after opening the photo, you have to select it, after selecting friends, you will see a lot of tools and options of picsart, out of which I will tell you the same tools. You have to select like our first tool
Retouch has to click on it, after that you will see a lot of options inside it, then in the option you have to click on smooth, after that you have to increase the manual setting completely, after that you have to draw in it, after that your photo is complete. will be smooth like
How to Give Face Finishing After Smoothing To give your To give your finishing to the face, you have to click on the tools, after clicking on it, you will see a lot of options, among them you have to click on the earnest, after applying, click on the apko clarity and increase it to about 8. After this you face will become quite well

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i’m gonna tell you how to retouch photo Friends, for this, you have to open the Adobe Lightroom application, after opening, you have to select whatever photo you want to edit, after selecting, you have to add a presets, which this preset will give you on the download button at the bottom. Click and download it, after that select it in Adobe Lightroom application, after selecting you will see 3 dot of Adobe Lightroom, after that you have to click on copy settings, after that now you can edit your original photo inside Lightroom After re-opening, the original photo has to be clicked on the 3 dot again, after that click on the pests setting, after that your photo will be retouched quite well in oneclick

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Download for presets
Download for presets