How to downeload top 45 XMP adobe lightroom presets in ashish editz

Hello everyone how are you all hope you will be good as you are again welcome to my website ashish edits Today’s post I am going to be above top +45 xmp presets, with the help of this presets you can do photo editing in one click. You can do that this presets is going to be of great use to you guys, how to download and use this adobe lightroom presets will be clear to you in this post so you have to read this post

Adobe lightroom top+45 XMP presets download

  1. First of all open chrome
  2. After opening chrome, Ashish has to search edit
  3. Then you have to click on the first link, after clicking in the gender, my website will open, you will see the theme of red color, it is my website, if not visible then that website is not mine, then you have to keep in mind that the theme of red color website appear in
  4. Now you have to search top+45 xmp presets download in the search box of the website.

Top+45 xmp presets download secont method

  1. Click on the download button below
  2. Browser will appear after clicking on download button
  3. You have to download it with the help of Chrome browser
  4. In this way you can also download the complete

use adobe lightroom top +45 xmp  presets

Download this top 45 xmp presets by clicking on the download button, after that open this zip file and at the time of opening you will be asked to extract this file, then you extract the file, now you have to open the adobe lightroom application. After that, you have to come to the presets tools, here you will see the option of 3 dot, click on that option, after that you have to click on the import option, then the file will open, then the file you select is 45 xmp presets  You have to go to them that were extracted, then select and add all the Xmp presets, after adding, you have to come back, after coming back, you will get top 45 presets in the presets option, now you can easily oneclick them Can use in and can also do photo editing

What is Adobe Lightroom?

adobe lightroom application is made for mobile device which is very useful for compositing your photos and photos taken with dslr camera we can use this adobe lightroom application help photo to do very nice photo editing like background There are changing colors, adding filters and arranging colors in photos, editing photos in one click, earning picture lighting, plus in this application you have given tools and options like creating DNG presets of this application and creating XMP presets etc. . This is a powerful application made by Adobe company, it is updated and new tools are launched in this application from time to time, which is a great thing for us, so Adobe Lightroom downloader is 100 million, if you want Download this application and use it. can also

How to Create Adobe Lightroom Top +45 DNG Presets

  1. First of all you have to open Adobe lightroom application.
  2. After that the photo has to be selected, the photo you want to make DNG preset, that photo
  3. Editing the picture in adobe lightroom application
  4. After the photo editing is complete, you have to click on the share option.
  5. Six option will appear like
  6. Share two. Save to device. Get a link invite people. Share editz. Export as
  7. You have to select the export option
  8. After this you will get the option of DNG to select and save the DNG presets
  9. After clicking on the option with dng presets, then DNG presets will be ready.
  10. In this way you can create top+45 dng presets

How to Create Adobe Lightroom top 45 XMP Presets

  • Friends, you have to edit the photo in Adobe Lightroom application.After editing, you have to click on the 3 dot button
  • After that you will see an option that you have to select the option of Create presets.
  • Now you have to enter the name of the presets, what name do you want to enter, choose the name according to you
  • hen right click on the right option
  • Now XPM presets will be ready from here
  • In this way you can create 45+ XMP presets

System requirements

  • Android version Android 4.0 ( kitkat ) or aboveabove
  • RAM – 1 GBGB
  • 4 GB Space on device
  • Installed Lightroom latest version

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