snapseed photo Blue sky tutorial in mobile hindi ashish editz

Hello, in today’s post, we are going to have dark background and sky blue photo display. To do this photo editing, you need two applications, one snapsed and the other adobe lightroom starts with it.
1 step friends you have to open the snapsid, then click on the tool of the pen, then click on the tune image in the first number of friends, among them you have to give a little bit of brightness, then increase the contrast and keep the ambience close to 50 Is plus

Step 2 Guys, now the face is to be blurred, for that you have to click on the select tool, increase its brightness and reduce the saturation and then brighten it.Blue sky

Step 3 Friends, now you have to color this sky, for that you have to click on the select tool again, then put its secretion on plus 78, then right after that, now friend you have to open Adobe Lightroom Blue sky


4 step After opening Adobe Lightroom, you have to add the pickup, after adding add the presets, which is given below the preset, you go and download it, after that friends open the preset Adobe Lightroom app, after that you will find it By clicking on the dot, the coffee setting is to be taken tomorrow. After setting the coffee, you have to open the photo in Snapchat by backing it back to Adobe Blue sk


Lightroom, after that you have to click on 3dot and then paste the settings here. Kindly it will be made to be saved from you, friends, if you like this post, then please do like it.Blue sky