Mahashivratri snapsheed special photo editing tutorial


hello-As friends we know that Mahashivaratri is a very good festival in our India, on this day we worship Lord Shankar, then with this, friends, I have brought a concept for you guys Mahashivratri photo editing friends to learn this photo editing So you have to read the post in full so let’s start

Mahashivratri photo editing

So we are going to edit the help of snapseed editing, friends have to download snapside in a simple way, after downloading it in the play store, we will open this snapside, after opening, friends, we will select that photo to select it. After that you will see the option of many tools, among them you just have to click on the icon with the pencil in a simple way, then the friend has to do it below you, after the bottom you have to click on it with double exposure, by clicking on it with double exposure, you will get the background. To select the background, friends, I will give you the link or I will give the background in the website, you will go and download it, then friends here, we will apply the background, then we will write once after the application. If the background has come in the face, then we will go to the above option and I will delete the face in the view edit, after that our friends will change our background from here. Do not have to give in writing, after that friend you will see the option of twin image in the first, if the option says, then tools have to click in that tool, after clicking, friend you will see seven to eight options, now you have to come to the temperature one below. After that, friends make it work so that our image will have blue light effect. After that, friends will write right after friends. We come on a selective tour. With the help of Selective Tools, we block Facebook, friends after glowing. After writing, what you need to do is, you have to come to the option with tools again, then friends have to give the detailing in the image, then to see the detail, you have to click on the ear with the pencil, then after that its detail structure To give the rain, the matter of increasing friends, which is the background will match with the image, after that, what friends will you have to do, which is a very good tool, after that you will be able to write with friendship, friends, after writing, your image is very well Mahashivratri photo editing will be seen from
After that, friends, we will open this photo in


Lightroom because we are opening it in the light room, because a little color adjustment is to be done, then friend you have to click on the Mix tool, after clicking in the Mix tool, the blue color situation increased. Have to take and also sky blue color, after that, friends, we come in orange color, orange color situation will reduce lightly, after reducing friends, your face will look better and if you want to give a little more effect then you can see in this We are looking very good, pick up, friends, you can adjust according to your liking in the light room, so how do you like this post, comment me and if you like it too, then you get friends in the next post till then.