toolwiz new light dark backgrounds change photos editing tutorial

Hello friends, in today’s post we learn the dark background and light png heart photo editing with the help of toolwiz, if you have to learn this photo editing then you have to read it completely, let’s start

Friends, you have to first download the toolwiz, after downloading, you have to open it, which you will find this application in the play store, then after opening the friends, first of all you have to click on Pro Editing, after which you will see whatever photo Editing is to be selected and after selecting it, friends will be fully opened.



Step 1 After opening the friends, you have to down the left side control, then you will see the photography ka tool, click in it, then select the dark filter from here, after selecting it, friends will get the dark filter effect in your face. By coming in the option with just side marks, the face that has the effect is to be removed by the dark, after removing you have to write it right.


Step 2 Then you have to tone your friends face, for this, you have toning tools. After clicking on this tool, you will see an option called Face tune by clicking on it, your Facebook blond can be selected and now friends come to the third step.

  • Step 3 Now friends you have a tool in 3-step, you have to click on the blending mixer by clicking on it, then from here I will give a PNG to download and select it below and after selecting you screen You have to adjust, after adjusting, friends have to write, after lighting, your pick will be ready completely, friends, you can easily do photo editing with yours in this way, if you like this post, then please like comments. Bye Bye For Next Post