Adobe lightroom top 10 presets in photo editing tutorial

Hello Welcome to your website, today I have brought you the top ten preset for you guys, this preset is a very good preset, to download it, I have given the option of download at the bottom so that I can download it, so let me tell you. Which preset am i

1 Dark Blue Preset Guys, if you want to make Dark Blue Preset, then you have to open Adobe Lightroom in a simple way, after opening, select Friends Photo. After selecting, first of all you have to click Mix Tool. After clicking, now he has to select green color, after that Saturation – 100 then friends have to do yellow color saturation – Hundred has to do it too, after that, friends have to select red color to make their face glow. After this it has to increase the luminance, after that friends, you have to right, after right click on the light tool, above you have to click in the make tool, after that you will see 5 colors, plain green red blue, friends among them. You have to select the blue color, after selecting it, the blue color has to be pulled upwards, after that you have to write a little after that, friends, after the right, you have to save it in DNG and in this way you will get a dark once. Can make blue preset
Will learn to make


2 aqua yellow presets
Again you have to open the Lightroom with the model, after that friends you have to click on the Auto tool, after that click on the Mix color, after the Mix color is selected, select the Green color, then increase the Green color. After that, your pick will have the effect of the Alo color, then we have to click on the yellow color, increase its position and then write it right, then after putting it right, friends have to put it on the temperature plus 30, after that you have to write it right. After you have to come to the effect, after coming to the effect, you adjust it according to your needs,


3 blue effect friends, you have to open the light on in a simple way to edit it, after opening the lightroom, click on the auto tool after that. After writing the right color, you have to change the mix color, after selecting the color, you have to select the green color and its saturation is reduced to minus, then after that friends you have to click on the temperature then minus the temperature 30 But you have to keep it, after that friends, you can come in the factor and give the effect according to your own You can also reset it in this way.presets

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