How To Draw A- easy Duck Step By Step

easy duck drawing It is also a species living in water and swimming. It looks like a bird but it cannot fly but it is reared by people. It is mostly found in places like ponds but today we will learn to draw them if you are easy duck If you want to draw then read the full post

easy duck drawing STEP BY STEP

STEP -1 Draw a duck’s body

draw a duck's body

If you want to draw a duck, then definitely use pencil and copy, with the help of pencil, you have to make a letter in S shape.

STEP -2 draw duck eye

 draw duck eye

After this you have to match this letter inside which we will give an eye and body shape, for that you can see the image how we have used the outline.

STEP -3 Draw a duck’s wing

 Draw a duck's wing

Now we will draw the wings and the middle body of the duck. We have not used any kind of hard outlined. We have drawn a simple two outlines.

STEP -4 Draw duck bean

 Draw duck bean

After that you have to draw a bean of duck in the upper part which looks good.

STEP -5 Draw two legs of a duck

Draw two legs of a duck

This is our last step in which we are going to draw two legs of duck and this leg looks like a walking duck you can see the image to draw it’s leg so that you can draw it easily

STEP -6 Easy duck drawing

easy duck drawing

To color the duck, we have used plain and yellow color, but you can color according to your own, but keep in mind that you must use pencil color to color it, because of this the color of your drawing is good.

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