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Hello friends, welcome to your website again in today’s post, we are going to learn creative and double background color change photo editing, which is quite good editing and in this post how can you create an outline and add it to the picture, so let’s go Friends start posts

How to open snapseed and black and white effect Friends, we are going to do this photo editing with the help of snapseed, then you have to open the snapseed first, then you have to select the photo, after selecting it, friends, if you want to do double tone photo editing then for that we get black in the pickup You will have to click on the option with tools to make an end effect and after that you will get a tune image in the first, then you have to click in it. If we increase the brightness due to the help of the image, then from here we have a little less brightness in our image, then we enlarge, after that you will get the contrast option, it is possible that you can increase the brightness of your photo like if you do not have the brightness in the photo If you can increase the brightness with the help of contrast, then from here friends, we will increase a little bit, after that, friends, you will get the option of saturation at the bottom, which you can reduce the color more than this, then we will color black, then to color black So you have to keep the saturation at minus hundred After the dark black effect will come in your photo, after the effect comes, you have to write it right.


How to remove the effects of extra text To remove friends, you have given the option of edit stock at the top, click on it, after clicking in it, you will see the option of view edit, click in view edit, then friends you will see a small pencil icon, click in it. By doing this, you can easily remove the black and white effect in it, then to remove it, you have to reduce the tune image to minus the end and after giving the drow kar on the face, after drow your face had black and white effect. That will go away Creative

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How to make double tone effect in background color change and photo Now we will give the background color and double tone effect in the photo, for that you have to click on the tools, then friends, you have to do it below. After completing the bottom, you will see the option of double exposure, from here you have to click on double exposure and friends. You will find an image at the bottom of the website, download the double tone, after downloading it, the double tone image is to be selected, then friends, you have to click on this style, after clicking on the style, you have to click on the darken. Then from here you will get the double tone effect, after getting the effect, you have to write it right after the light, friends, as I have just told you, how can you remove your effect, you can click on edit stock from the helper of the view edit. Can remove effect in face Creative

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How did you bring the outline to the photo? Now to make friends photo you have to create an outline for that to create an outline you will need double exposure which friends will get you in snapseed, then friends you friends we are making the outline so that the double tone effect is visible. Now friends from here, from here we will click on the tools with double exposure option by clicking on me, then we will click on the open image, which has been created in the outline, from now onwards you have to select this photo. You will find it below and after downloading from me, after downloading, you have to select this photo and friends, click on the style option after this, then click on the light, then friends, you have the double tone effect. Accordingly, the application of outline is to be adjusted and after reading it, the extra text is available in the view editz and remember it, then you will like this post, then like it, if you want such a post and comment, then we will get it. Till then in this post New bye